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UTM Codes Provide Info For Analysts & SMBs

The 3 Essential Questions a UTM Link Can Answer: When all UTM’ed up, a link should be able to help you answer some basic questions about your web traffic: Where is the traffic coming from? How is it getting to me? Why is it coming to me? Essentially, UTM codes tell the story of how your traffic is coming to you. Source: What Is a UTM Code? The Complete Guide… Read Article →

Is Your Website Pulling It's Weight - Heather Robertson Internet Marketer

How Do You Know If Your Website Is Pulling It’s Weight?

Is your website doing its job? And, more importantly, how do you know? There are approximately 110 million websites. But how many are actually providing real value to their owners? Many businesses only operate a website because they know they have too. It’s usually a ‘quick launch’ lacking a specific purpose, KPIs and no real way of measuring whether the website actually impacts their bottom line. All businesses spend a… Read Article →