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Small Business Need Not Be Twitter Shy - Heather Robertson Internet Marketer

Small Business Need Not Be Twitter Shy

When Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield took to the Twitter waves the world took notice. Becoming privy to Hadfield’s daily affairs on the International Space Station in 140 characters or less suddenly became significant. Twitter not only elevated Chris Hadfield to celebrity status, but renewed the world’s romance with space. Back here on earth small business can benefit from Twitter in a similar way. Twitter helps: > drive traffic to your… Read Article →

Beyond Facebook Likes - Heather Robertson | Internet Marketer - Content Strategist

Beyond Facebook Likes

I’m a volunteer on a community arts board. And try as I might, I seem to be pushed/pulled into the marketing work group. I have always felt that stacking a committee with folks that don’t necessarily have the skill set brings forth interesting results. I figured they try harder. I know. It just makes sense to place artists on the art committee and car owners on the car committee. I… Read Article →

Is Your Business Still Avoiding Social Media | Heather Robertson Internet Marketer

Is Your Business Still Avoiding Social Media?

So, what is all the hubbub about Social Media anyway? Does it seem like every time you turn around yet another competitor has a Facebook Page? Social media is not out to replace traditional marketing opportunities, it’s simply an on-line marketing strategy that can generate more traffic to your website; increase your brand awareness and help you find more customers. Even internet ninjas are struggling to define social media. One… Read Article →

Keep An Open Mind With Online Tools | Heather Robertson Internet Marketer

Keep An Open Mind When It Comes To Online Tools

Every 3-4 months, I unsubscribe to all my current newsletters and re-subscribe to new ones. I do this so I don’t get stale. It forces me to seek out new and interesting ideas and perspectives. My newest ‘sign-up’? The Social Media Examiner daily newsletter. It was from this newsletter that I chanced upon a very interesting podcast. Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner interviewed John Janstch of Duct Tape Marketing (here’s an example of… Read Article →

How Many Social Media Sites Do I Need? | Heather Robertson Internet Marketer - Content Strategist

How Many Social Networking Sites Do I Need?

Do you cringe every time you see an invitation to a new social networking site? I do. My first reaction is to wonder how many social networking sites do I need? I then ask where does this new site fit in my internet marketing toolbox? To be successful in online selling, every company – large or small — needs to meet new customers and build relationships. Belonging to a social networking… Read Article →