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The QR Code for my website

QR Codes: Fighting the ‘cool factor’ in internet marketing

Recently, I was asked about incorporating a QR code in an ad. I was a little bewildered. For what purpose I inquired? The equally bewildered response was ‘you mean you don’t know?’ QRC or QR code is an ancrynom for Quick Response Code, a two dimensional bar code (see mine at the side) with encoded information for a specific item or web page. When a QR code is photo-captured by… Read Article →

Going Mobile With Your Marketing Strategies | Heather Robertson Internet Marketer

Going Mobile With Your Online Marketing Strategies

No doubt the world is mobile. Some internet gurus, most notably Google CEO Eric Schmidt, have gone as far as to suggest that the shift to mobile is bigger than the internet revolution itself. It’s always wise to follow new internet trends.  Dismissing them with a simple ‘that’s just for the bigger guys’, or’ it won’t last’, or ‘I don’t use it’, could mean missing out on a tremendous marketing… Read Article →