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Google AdWords: Take II

Follow-up is important. Particularly when discussing the online space where 24 hours = 1 light year – or so it seems. In July 2012, I posted Google AdWords – is it the right choice for your business? My post was not to discourage anyone from engaging in AdWords – there’s lots to be gained from PPC advertising. I simply wanted to provide some insight into AdWords to help in the decision making… Read Article →

Is Google AdWords Right For Your Business | Heather Robertson Internet Marketer - Content Strategist

Google AdWords – Is It The Right Choice For Your Business?

Some of the most widely used utilities on the internet, like social media sites and search engines, are popular because they’re free. So how do the companies that run them make such enormous profits? The mainstay of their revenue is derived from what is known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising – those ‘sponsored links’ or ‘sponsored ads’ that appear on the search engine results page, along with hundreds of other blogs… Read Article →