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The QR Code for my website

QR Codes: Fighting the ‘cool factor’ in internet marketing

Recently, I was asked about incorporating a QR code in an ad. I was a little bewildered. For what purpose I inquired? The equally bewildered response was ‘you mean you don’t know?’ QRC or QR code is an ancrynom for Quick Response Code, a two dimensional bar code (see mine at the side) with encoded information for a specific item or web page. When a QR code is photo-captured by… Read Article →

Generating Leads From Your Website Heather Robertson Internet Marketer

Generating Leads From Your Website

Performing a daily website review is always a good idea. Web links can break and unless you’re checking for them, they can go undetected. Checking Twitter and Facebook accounts daily – just as you would check your email – simply makes sense. And even though analytics’ information is delayed by a day, it is worth taking a moment to see which keyword phrases are bringing visitors to your website. It… Read Article →

Is Your Business Still Avoiding Social Media | Heather Robertson Internet Marketer

Is Your Business Still Avoiding Social Media?

So, what is all the hubbub about Social Media anyway? Does it seem like every time you turn around yet another competitor has a Facebook Page? Social media is not out to replace traditional marketing opportunities, it’s simply an on-line marketing strategy that can generate more traffic to your website; increase your brand awareness and help you find more customers. Even internet ninjas are struggling to define social media. One… Read Article →

Referral Marketing | Article by Heather Robertson

Adapting Marketing Tools To The New Medium

Marketing is marketing. Sure they are now talking about Web 3.0 and indeed we are learning some really interesting ways of doing business. But, the old standby marketing tools that worked 20 years ago, and continue to work now, can be adapted to online advertising. Everything old can be new again. Referral marketing, the neglected little brother of the so much more interesting and sexy direct marketing is a good candidate for… Read Article →

Cloud Computing

Send In The Clouds

Two things come to mind when discussing cloud computing. Where exactly is this cloud? And how secure is it? Cloud computing is defined as internet-based or offsite computer services that support your business.  There are public clouds that are free and private clouds where security features usually include SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for encrypting information. At first glance, one would think that cloud computing belongs to the domain of the… Read Article →