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Keep An Open Mind When It Comes To Online Tools

Every 3-4 months, I unsubscribe to all my current newsletters and re-subscribe to new ones. I do this so I don’t get stale. It forces me to seek out new and interesting ideas and perspectives. My newest ‘sign-up’? The Social Media Examiner daily newsletter.

It was from this newsletter that I chanced upon a very interesting podcast. Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner interviewed John Janstch of Duct Tape Marketing (here’s an example of the name saying it all) on Community Building: How to Grow With the Power of People.  It was well worth the 30 minutes of my time.

MynahCommunication FB page for
MynahCommunications is the new Facebook Business Page for

Key takeaways:

  • community building takes time and effort.
  • be tactical when giving away free advice. In the end it’s about conversions.
  • ‘freebies’ build brand loyalty and encourage users to dig deeper into your business
  • a loyal community can make or break a business. Jantsch referred to one business woman who a year prior to opening a vegan restaurant created an online community so loyal that when she opened her ‘bricks and mortar’ operation it was packed.

What struck a cord with me was Jantsch’s hot tip – the Facebook Comment’s Plug-In. The tool is installed on your blog/website to allow logged-in Facebook users to comment on your blog while using their Facebook profile.

Initially, Jantsch admitted that he had been publicly negative about the tool. He felt that the discussion on his blog was proprietary and was reluctant to share his content with Facebook.

He switched sides during a recent book launch and realized that the Facebook plug-in was a great ‘viral’ marketing tool and helped sell more books. Comments that are unique to your blog remain part of your content community and are short lived. However by sharing with Facebook there is an opportunity of ‘virality’ and extending your community.

What intrigued me was Jantsch’s openness to reviewing a tool he had previously dismissed. Social media applications are not always immediately apparent.

I compare his experience with my own.

I’m intrigued by newsletters. In fact, in my small circle I’m referred to as the ‘Queen of newsletters’. Some are personal subscriptions others belong to my own customers. Some are clever, others not so much.

Previously, I was using my own personal Facebook page which was fine for awhile. Then it occurred to me – start my own Facebook business page to discuss newsletters. Sometimes I highlight good ideas, other times I point to things to avoid. But mostly I wanted a venue where I can help promote small business – and Mynah Communications  fits the bill.  It allows me to experiment, support my customers, and chat about social media.

Strange how I had managed business pages for my own customers but never thought that there was an application for my own.

A lot of social media is about observing and learning. Keep your options open, don’t be so quick to say no. What might not have an application today, might tomorrow.


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