SEO Unicorn | Google Featured Snippet

What exactly is a Google featured snippet?
Chances are, you have seen a Google featured snippet while searching Google. If you asked a question based query, Google will have eagerly answered it with a snippet. These featured snippets are the answers to users’ questions, showcased in a box in what’s known as “position zero” on page one. For instance, let’s say you searched for, “How do I optimize my website?” Your question based query will be met with a snippet answering your question.

Source: How to optimize for Google’s featured snippets | Search Engine Watch

Emphasis and title, are mine.

I first learned of the allusive Google featured snippet at a WordPress workshop in January.  I’m always interested in new SEO tools that can improve Google Search and help my customers.

I’m pleased to say that after reading this article, I understand how they work, but not so happy at it being left to Google’s devices.  Just because information is presented in a certain format, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s correct. But perhaps that’s up to the user to decide.

One thing for sure, the Google snippet will make me think twice as to how I am presenting information on a page or in a blog.

Clarity is key.


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