Not Every Company Belongs On Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg cover your ears!

It’s always been my contention that NOT every business belongs on Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, I think Facebook is a wonderful tool, but it doesn’t necessarily match the goals of every business.

There are lots of reasons to engage in any number of social media channels, but only if they are rooted in a marketing plan with a business case and then appropriated proper resources.

But ‘spraying and then praying’ isn’t the solution either. Dipping into every social media channel won’t drive more traffic to your website, generate more qualified leads or help increase sales.

Taking a step back, let’s review the reasons for engaging in social media.Not Every Business Belongs On Facebook

These tools help you build an online community for current customers and then through connections find potentially new customers.

Social media acts as a ‘stage’ to establish your business as a subject authority. You can use social media to provide information to customers that is timely and may not work on your website.  And, most importantly social media activity provides real time search results that can help increase placement on search engine result pages.

When trying decide which are the social media channels for your business keep in mind the following –

  • Business objectives: Establish goals, objectives and metrics to evaluate success or failure of each individual channel. Otherwise how will you truly understand the ROI?
  • Statistics: Don’t fall for the latest and greatest social media channel and be bamboozled by numbers. More social media channels have failed than succeeded.
  • Find the right fit: Different channels offer different opportunities. If a particular social media channel doesn’t match your customer demographic, then don’t do it. And if your competition is dominating that particular channel already, consider a different one.
  • Don’t Dilute: Pick two or three social media channels and do them well. By doing too many poorly –the brand and message become diluted.
  • Start Slowly: Putting your eggs in one basket initially isn’t such a bad thing. It’s a great way to learn and grow. And as you build more confidence– experiment with new channels.
  • Manage the Message: There’s a reason for engaging in social media and that is to increase sales and bring in more qualified leads. So engage customers with inspiring copy and learn the ‘norms’ and tricks of each social media channel. Look professional.
  • Sharing the Message: Each social media channel requires a different communication strategy. True some channels have partner but don’t be fooled into thinking that one gets the most out of both channels by messaging on only one. Managing the message is painstakingly hard work.  Items don’t go viral without being managed.
  • Less is really more: If any company owns 100 social media channels, is there one person who can actually manage them all? Having dedicated and committed resources is paramount.

Nothing is worse that starting a social media channel and then abandoning it due to lack of interest or time.  When a customer searches for your company and finds an abandoned or under-serviced social media channel – that says it all.


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