Generating Leads From Your Website Heather Robertson Internet Marketer

Generating Leads From Your Website

Performing a daily website review is always a good idea. Web links can break and unless you’re checking for them, they can go undetected. Checking Twitter and Facebook accounts daily – just as you would check your email – simply makes sense. And even though analytics’ information is delayed by a day, it is worth taking a moment to see which keyword phrases are bringing visitors to your website.

It sounds like a lot of work, but for many, it has become a normal part of the morning – something to do over that first cup of coffee. It’s also a great way to begin sorting through new sales leads.

Generating leads is simply the act of building lists of contact information to be used later in a marketing campaign. Your first order of business is developing a compelling call-to-action on your website – an enticing reason for an online visitor to hand over their valuable email address.

Converting website visitors into prospects – and then into customers – happens directly on the website. Most marketers agree that online visitors don’t convert to prospects on the very first visit. In order to capture leads, you need a compelling message beyond the usual send us an email for more information.

The most common call-to-action is an invitation to subscribe to your company newsletter. These work very well, but represent a serious commitment on your part. A newsletter of any type takes time and energy. They have to be well written, well des
igned, and once you start a newsletter you’re expected to continue it.

Thankfully, the newsletter is not the only option, and there many other methods to capture email addresses. A contact form that includes additional space for comments performs double-duty by collecting the email address with the customer’s query. A strong call-to-action inviting consumers to sign-up for discount coupons, join a loyalty program, or receive information onGenerating Leads from your website future sales or special events might better fit your business model. Or consider a short survey, since online visitors love to give their opinions. A short survey on any topic of interest will not only generate some interesting feedback, but collect those valuable email addresses.

Often websites will have ‘white papers.’ Have you developed a crisp, clean 10-point promo on something related to your business – such as a how to buy… You could turn that into a white paper. Place a call-to-action on your website inviting online visitors to email for this ‘informative white paper’. Not only have you provided valuable information to an online visitor, but you’ve gained an email address and valuable information about the prospective customer.

What’s crucial is to provide the information within 24 hours, and make sure that there is an auto-responder associated with each of these calls-to-action. That way the online visitor knows that you are eager to do business, and that that their email hasn’t been lost in spam.

Use your website as a way to communicate ‘with’ not ‘at’ your customer. And at the same time, collect email addresses and potential leads that you can convert to a customer! In the end it’s all about conversions.


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