Content Is King - Still - Heather Robertson

It’s NO Surprise
That Content Is King – STILL

Good content is strategic to an effective online presence. Well written content that is consumer-centric will drive new customers to your site, hands down.  And any online platform with good content will survive any algorithm update, new social media start-up or recently derived metric.

If you’re not creating new web content then you aren’t helping your business. Consumers expect to find information online. And when a company has an online profile, the consumer expectation is even greater to provide useful content that answers their questions.

Disseminating good content or content marketing is a promotional tool every business has at its finger tips.

What’s involved in creating good content?

Content Is King - Still - Heather Robertson
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> Create a short two-sentence paragraph that best defines your business. Including your value proposition is a good start. Now you have your stepping stone that guides your content creation.

> An editorial calendar will help track special events (company or seasonal) and the different marketing channels. It can be useful for not just prioritizing content but evaluating.

> Who is telling the story? Yes, you know your business best, but this might be the day to step aside for a professional. A professional writer will be able to view the bigger story, find the hook, and weave in the value proposition while being totally transparent. Not an easy undertaking.

> Here’s a chance to work company-focused keywords. Creating your own content is one of the best search engine optimization techniques. Don’t keyword stuff, but focus on keywords that best represent your business.

> Originality is highly overrated. Re-purposing old content that previously produced results is great idea. Guaranteed there are viewers who still haven’t seen it. Don’t shy away from using material from other sources and adding your own wisdom, referred to as ‘curating content’.

Once created, where does the content go?

> Posting your content across your own channels is the obvious. Keep in mind, that one-size-fits-all doesn’t always work.

> Print publications refer to customer content creation as ‘advertorial’. Unfortunately, it’s received a bit of a bad rap. There’s no metric that states ‘advertorial’ is ignored by readers, in fact the argument is the opposite. As long as it’s engaging, content about a business written by a business will still be read.

> Become a guest, just remember your manners. Joining a ‘subject’ blog or asking to be a guest blogger is a useful way of sharing your content. Beware of going too far and making everything a sales pitch – your selling feature is your closing bio.

> Stick to the genre that best suits your business. The written word probably isn’t the best medium to explain how to take apart something, but a video, or story board might be. Everyday there are new exciting mediums created that help a business tell its story.

Content marketing and Brand marketing, the two buzz words of late, are still in the throes of being clearly defined. They can be distinguished by who is telling the story. Content Marketing is when a brand or business joins a conversation while Brand Marketing is about telling your own story.

The thread that holds them together is the necessity to create good content that is not selling-focused but consumer-focused and engaging. Engaged customers are often the greatest influencers amongst their peers.

If your online presence is an important marketing tool for your business, then make sure that it’s filled with informative, interesting and engaging content.

Share your business stories. You know your business best.


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