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Okay You’ve Got Their E-mail Address, Now What?

Email capture isn’t very useful if you don’t follow up with a marketing campaign. Captured leads need to be converted into customers. One good way of converting an email address into a customer is with an email marketing campaign.

Now you have their email address - now what? Heather Robertson Internet MarketerWhy invest in email marketing? Because it continues to be one of the most profitable methods to stay in touch with new prospects and current clientele. It’s an easy way to stay on consumer’s minds and build their confidence in your products and services on a shoestring budget.

While there are many forms of communicating, email is still considered the most widely used and most effective.

Most companies immediately consider an email newsletter, but not every company has the required time, and let’s be honest, not everyone can write.

A good email marketing campaign is simple, attractive and gets straight to the point. There’s an unlimited number of things to talk about – open houses, special events, special sales, the arrival of new or unique inventory, a price correction or some time-sensitive information that customers will want to know.

The messaging should be simple, and there’s no need to include everything at once. Brevity is best. A simple one-page teaser campaign will ensure that your email is actually read.

Successful email marketing campaigns are sent out when they are required, not because it’s Tuesday. Although, regular newsletters seem to have the best readership when they are sent out consistently on the same day.

Include a tidbit of useful information, such as a reminder, or a special event. Being informative adds value to your email. A consumer is more likely to open an email if he knows there’s a pertinent piece of information in it.

All email marketing campaigns need to direct the consumer back to your website with a simple click. You know how this works – you can give a quick paragraph on what’s going on and then add the rider, but for full details visit our website by clicking here.

Once you get your email marketing campaign up and running, be sure to regularly massage your email lists to keep them current. Pay attention to privacy issues, by providing an opt-in and opt-out clause. Consumers have to be able to say no thanks.

Email marketing is informative and it’s cheap, making it a smart way to market. And the best part about email marketing is that it’s potentially viral. Consumers often forward interesting emails to their friends, who also become new prospects.

Step one is capturing email addresses with a compelling call-to-action placed on your website. (See Generating Leads From Your Website December 3/2012) Once those email addresses have been captured, use them in continuous email marketing campaigns that will build consumer confidence in your product and services.

It’s all about reaching out to your customer, while making your website work for you.


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