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Who Will Build Your Next Website | Heather Robertson - Internet Marketer - Content Strategist

Who Will Build Your New Website?

Internet experts agree that the shelf-life of a website is around two to three years. Web technologies (such as new web programming languages) and communication/marketing opportunities (such as Facebook and Twitter) advance at an exponential rate. Eventually your old website (only 5 years in real-time but a generation in virtual-time) becomes so difficult and cumbersome to use, that you are forced to abandon it. At some point, it’s time to… Read Article →

More tools for your website: Video

More Tools For Your Website: Video

What makes the Internet so interesting are the number of different opportunities it provides for businesses to build strong customer relations and create conversions. Video is just one of those opportunities. The statistics on how many Internet users actually view videos is staggering. In a ComScore study released in February 2011, 82.5 percent of the US Internet audience is said to have viewed a video online.