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Your Website Needs To Pass The Blink Test - Heather

What’s Going On With Your Website?

There are millions of websites screaming for attention. It’s hard capturing the attention of the right consumers. Bringing visitors to a website is the job of search engine optimization and online marketing. But once a consumer has landed on a site, moving them down the sales funnel is the job of the website.  Having an enchanting yet functional website that makes learning and transacting easy and fun encourages consumer engagement…. Read Article →

Social-Media-Sizing-Cheat-Sheet |Heather Robertson Internet Marketer - Content Strategist

Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet

This is a shout out to LunaMetrics for great content marketing – and not just once but twice! I’m a wordsmith. Sure, I can import a photo and crop-it decently but getting things to fit is another matter. The other day I was trying to squeeze a photo into a Twitter Profile Pic. Did you know that Twitter does not provide the required dimensions in their help center? But that… Read Article →

Protect Your Password | Heather Robertson Internet Marketer

Protect Your Password! Are You Doing The Best Job You Can?

Every time I heard ‘be sure to protect your password’, I imagined young men sporting pocket protectors. Security was annoying and nerdish. At one point in my career I was ready to quit a job that insisted I update my password every 60 days. That was then. This is now. Now I have an online identity. I shop. I bank. I socialize. I blog. I email. I’m always in the… Read Article →

Going Mobile With Your Marketing Strategies | Heather Robertson Internet Marketer

Going Mobile With Your Online Marketing Strategies

No doubt the world is mobile. Some internet gurus, most notably Google CEO Eric Schmidt, have gone as far as to suggest that the shift to mobile is bigger than the internet revolution itself. It’s always wise to follow new internet trends.  Dismissing them with a simple ‘that’s just for the bigger guys’, or’ it won’t last’, or ‘I don’t use it’, could mean missing out on a tremendous marketing… Read Article →

Cloud Computing

Send In The Clouds

Two things come to mind when discussing cloud computing. Where exactly is this cloud? And how secure is it? Cloud computing is defined as internet-based or offsite computer services that support your business.  There are public clouds that are free and private clouds where security features usually include SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for encrypting information. At first glance, one would think that cloud computing belongs to the domain of the… Read Article →