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Are You Chatting With Your Customers?

Live Chat. Another online tool with interesting opportunities. In simple terms, live chat allows businesses to assist consumers during their online buying process while recording consumer intelligence not otherwise available. But there’s no talking. Instead agents and consumers type notes through a small message box located on the website. Live chat is useful on e-commerce sites, where a quick answer could potentially avert shopping cart abandonment. On sites providing technical… Read Article →

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A CRM Tool: Another great ‘cloud’ solution

It’s just smart to be organized. It may seem that we’ve evolved from notes on scrap pieces of paper, but in some cases we’ve simply replaced computers for paper. Good customer record keeping facilitates a host of opportunities. A CRM (customer relationship management) tool that’s affordable, easy to manage will not only keep company records organized and current but generate new leads. In the past, CRMs used to be overly… Read Article →

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Google AdWords: Take II

Follow-up is important. Particularly when discussing the online space where 24 hours = 1 light year – or so it seems. In July 2012, I posted Google AdWords – is it the right choice for your business? My post was not to discourage anyone from engaging in AdWords – there’s lots to be gained from PPC advertising. I simply wanted to provide some insight into AdWords to help in the decision making… Read Article →

Can Your Business Definite Its Security Culture - Heather Robertson Internet Marketer - Content Strategist

Can Your Business Define Its Security Culture?

Put your hand in the air if you know the password to the back end of your website! Put your hand in the air if you know the login and password to any one of your virtual properties that is currently accessed by only one of your employees. Do you know where your employees store their logins and passwords? In my case – I had them written down on a… Read Article →