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Can Your Business Definite Its Security Culture - Heather Robertson Internet Marketer - Content Strategist

Can Your Business Define Its Security Culture?

Put your hand in the air if you know the password to the back end of your website! Put your hand in the air if you know the login and password to any one of your virtual properties that is currently accessed by only one of your employees. Do you know where your employees store their logins and passwords? In my case – I had them written down on a… Read Article →

Generating Leads From Your Website Heather Robertson Internet Marketer

Generating Leads From Your Website

Performing a daily website review is always a good idea. Web links can break and unless you’re checking for them, they can go undetected. Checking Twitter and Facebook accounts daily – just as you would check your email – simply makes sense. And even though analytics’ information is delayed by a day, it is worth taking a moment to see which keyword phrases are bringing visitors to your website. It… Read Article →