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The Benefits of Facebook Lead Ads – TechWyse ‘Rise to the Top’ Blog

It’s no secret that the difference between a Facebook ad and a Google Search ad is that on Facebook, the user’s intent is to browse the content of the people they follow, not to do research, sign-up, or purchase anything. That’s why it’s so important for your Facebook ad to be both visually appealing and extremely relevant to the user. Is that still enough to generate actual conversions? For some,… Read Article →

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

It’s been almost a year since Mobile-egeddon, the day that Google issued its edict to website owners– go mobile or else. Despite the doom and gloom, most websites appeared to have survived the algorithm update as their sites continue to appear on Google search. But that doesn’t mean that the trend towards mobile-friendly sites which began in 2012 has ended. In fact, as mobile usage continues to escalate making a… Read Article →

Beyond Page Rank: More Inbound Marketing Tips

Page One: What’s The Big Deal?

‘Why aren’t we on page one?’ was the bellow from the Board Room. The lowly Marketing Director cringed at the question. Because, yesterday everything was just fine when the site was on page one. Today of course, everything has changed. Page Rank, what a conundrum, and it’s been brewing for several years. It’s such a rush when your website appears on page one above your competitors. But today’s online marketing… Read Article →

What's Your Brand? Heather Robertson Internet Marketer - Content Strategist

What’s Your Brand?

Brand identity isn’t just for the big guys. Small and medium sized businesses (SMB) also have a vested interest in having a distinct brand identity. In the digital space, articulating your company’s brand is the first step in ‘optimizing’ your digital footprint. In the noisy digital world, a clear consistent brand helps differentiate your company from the competition and generate results. The quarterly American Express Small Business Monitor found that… Read Article →

Know Your Customer - Heather Robertson Internet Marketer - Content Stragetist

KYC – Know Your Customer

The Toronto Boat Show (TIBS) has an interesting marketing initiative – the  I Love Boating Photo Contest. This is not a new idea for the Toronto Boat Show. In fact, the first TIBS photo contest dates back to when boaters submitted real photographs. Judging was a nightmare, having to sift through piles and re-piles of ‘reflective’ photos to determine a winner. The winning photos and honourable mentions were really enlarged and placed… Read Article →