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Email Marketing Remains Strong - Heather Robertson

Email Marketing Remains Strong

Remember CASL? The Anti-Spam Legislation introduced by the CRTC  just over a year ago. Its mandate: to whip electronic communications – specifically email marketing — into shape and greatly reduce the mammoth amount of SPAM and un-wanted emails. The threat of non-compliance for a business was an administrative penalty up to $10-million. It all seemed very ominous and sent some worried businesses into a tail-spin. So what’s happened over the… Read Article →

An addendum to Email Marketing - Heather Robertson Internet Marketer - Content Strategist

An Addendum to E-Mail Newsletter Etiquette

During the 2012 December holiday season I was surprised by the number of B2B and B2C newsletters that continued to clutter my inbox. Of course I understood that they were on ‘automatic pilot’ and someone didn’t actually go into the office and hit the send button. Just the same, I was still surprised and after awhile became irritated with the invasion into my personal space. Agreed not everyone celebrates the… Read Article →

Okay, you have their email address - now what? | Heather Robertson - Internet Marketer

Okay You’ve Got Their E-mail Address, Now What?

Email capture isn’t very useful if you don’t follow up with a marketing campaign. Captured leads need to be converted into customers. One good way of converting an email address into a customer is with an email marketing campaign. Why invest in email marketing? Because it continues to be one of the most profitable methods to stay in touch with new prospects and current clientele. It’s an easy way to… Read Article →