Blogging is Good for Business - Heather Robertson

Blogging Is Good For Business

Is blogging part of your digital marketing toolbox? If you’ve been shying away from posting blogs for any number of reasons, now might be the time to change and get involved. Recent digital marketing studies indicate that blogging is good for business.

Content continues to be king! As search engine algorithms become smarter and more intuitive, regularly posting new, relevant web content is key to driving traffic to your site and converting online visitors into customers.

Blogging is Good For Business - Heather Robertson
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Blogging is the easiest and most efficient way of increasing the content on your website.

Consider the possibilities.

Consistently posting informative, keyword-rich content in the form of blog posts can:

  • Position you and your brand as an industry leader – After all, who best to represent your business and explain what you’re all about than you?
  • Enhance your search engine optimization – In the end, what’s important is being found on the search engine pages (SERP). A blog appears as a separate search, usually with a longer URL (WWW address) that is also issue-focused. Imagine a series of different blog posts, all appearing as separate search lines on Google. If effectively written, they are all capable of capturing new traffic.
  • A great traffic generator – Blog posts can drive traffic back to your site if they are re-posted on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr etc. And you aren’t restricted to using only the most recent post. ‘Evergreen’ blog posts contain timeless information, such as, ‘How to…’. These types of blog posts can be re-used, re-purposed and re-posted on social media platforms effortlessly. Blogs are the like gift that keeps on giving.
  • Connect with your customer – Blog posts give you the opportunity to tell your company story, the way it should be told.

Convinced of the necessity, but don’t know where to start?

The first hurdle, and one that’s not really that complicated, is finding things to write about.

Blogging Is Good For Business - Heather Robertson
Photo Courtesy: Business Computing World

Professional journalists are always on the hunt for a good story and often keep a running list of story ideas. If you keep blogging at the forefront of your mind, you’ll soon think of things that will make a great blog post.

Here are some starting points:

  • Curating: Getting ideas and articles from magazines and other blog sites is a great start. But you can’t simply duplicate the content. Search engines don’t look kindly on that. Curating content on the other hand is perfectly fine. Start by pulling quotes from the source, provide a credit with link to the source site which is great SEO (search engine optimization) then combine that information with your own personal comments and insights. A good blog post should be relevant to your readers. Generally they want to know what you think.
  • Events: All events are worth blogging about, twice. There’s a post before the event, urging customers to attend, and a post-event blog chatting about the results. If you link the two blog posts together, that’s even greater SEO.
  • Q&A’s & How To’s: Not all blogs have to be strictly prose. There are formats that are better for explaining complicated topics.  If there are instructions that your staff consistently has to repeat, put it in a blog post. The beauty of Q&A or FAQ formats is that they don’t have to be real questions – just the ones that you want to have answered or the ones that keep recurring. You only need five questions for a great blog post.
  • Issue Based: Have you had something on your mind that you’d like to express to all of your customers? A blog post on – Gas Pump Etiquette – sounds like an interesting and humorous way to cover boring safety issues.
  • Seasonal Posts: Every business has something different to say due to seasonality – some more so than others.  These types of posts can be ‘touched up’ every year with new information, a funny cartoon or ‘blooper’ video.

Great ideas don’t immediately translate into hemingwayesque prose. But blogging can be made easy.

Next steps? Writing great blog posts that have the goal of gaining more website traffic and transforming online visitors into your customers.


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