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Beyond Facebook Likes

I’m a volunteer on a community arts board. And try as I might, I seem to be pushed/pulled into the marketing work group. I have always felt that stacking a committee with folks that don’t necessarily have the skill set brings forth interesting results. I figured they try harder.

I know. It just makes sense to place artists on the art committee and car owners on the car committee. I get it. In our case it’s because marketers understand market speak and we can translate. We’ve also got great ideas and can stick handle a board from overspending on an idea that ‘just ain’t gonna to cut it.’
Beyond Facebook Likes - Heather Robertson | Internet Marketer - Content Strategist
And most ‘marketers on marketing committees’ are more than willing to have the hard conversations. When an over exuberant committee member suggests that selling advertising in a calendar is a great fundraiser and easy to do – like ‘selling ice to Eskimos’ – I just stare them down and quietly say ‘be my guest’.

At my last marketing committee meeting, the chat was centred around Facebook ‘Likes’. “That’s it!” the committee howled “We need to get more ‘likes’!” To my pleasant surprise, we marketers held together and sang the same tune – saying that ‘likes’ were really highly overrated. Anyone with a budget and a Justin Bieber hair cut can get likes – it’s conversions we want.

My marketing associate then gave a very careful and clever explanation as to how metrics were actually calculated. I smiled, nodded and urged her on.

“Likes are fine” she explained, “but without an understanding of how many or why, they are just likes. And when we get these likes what is it we plan to do with them? Sure lots of likes are impressive, but who are we impressing? And while we’re talking about likes, let’s talk about views. All those people haven’t actually viewed that post – they have opened up their Facebook page and our post is on their timeline – that’s what that metric means.”

So, our committee asked – What do we want?

We want engagement we explained. We want engagement with a meaningful call to action. When visitors come to our Facebook Page and post, we want to engage in a conversation right there on our timeline. And when we post we should encourage comments, take polls, ask questions, and post wonderful photos and videos.

Its engagement along with strategy and serious business objectives that will really help us understand social media and use it for what it is.

And when we discuss metrics – we’re not going to look at individual numbers but trends. We want to follow positive trends and deek negative trends.

I was so pleased with my fellow marketer, that I not only drove her home, I decided to stay on the committee. I think we’re kindred spirits. At least we agree that we want to help, but we don’t want to do all the work either.

And of course – we’re now Facebook friends.

– Heather

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