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The Benefits of Facebook Lead Ads – TechWyse ‘Rise to the Top’ Blog

It’s no secret that the difference between a Facebook ad and a Google Search ad is that on Facebook, the user’s intent is to browse the content of the people they follow, not to do research, sign-up, or purchase anything. That’s why it’s so important for your Facebook ad to be both visually appealing and extremely relevant to the user. Is that still enough to generate actual conversions? For some,… Read Article →

UTM Codes Provide Info For Analysts & SMBs

The 3 Essential Questions a UTM Link Can Answer: When all UTM’ed up, a link should be able to help you answer some basic questions about your web traffic: Where is the traffic coming from? How is it getting to me? Why is it coming to me? Essentially, UTM codes tell the story of how your traffic is coming to you. Source: What Is a UTM Code? The Complete Guide… Read Article →

SEO Unicorn | Google Featured Snippet

What exactly is a Google featured snippet? Chances are, you have seen a Google featured snippet while searching Google. If you asked a question based query, Google will have eagerly answered it with a snippet. These featured snippets are the answers to users’ questions, showcased in a box in what’s known as “position zero” on page one. For instance, let’s say you searched for, “How do I optimize my website?”… Read Article →

SMB need websites for business | Heather Robertson

Are You Conducting Business Without A Website?

It’s strange to consider that there there are still SMB (small and medium sized businesses) without a company website. Susan Solovic The Small Business Expert, (Find Susan on Twitter) had the same observation. In a recent article, she used the following analogy to explain the critical importance of having a website in 2016. It’s kind of amusing. Climb into your time machine and set it for 1965. Push the big red button. Okay, you’re… Read Article →

Are You Chatting With Your Customers?

Live Chat. Another online tool with interesting opportunities. In simple terms, live chat allows businesses to assist consumers during their online buying process while recording consumer intelligence not otherwise available. But there’s no talking. Instead agents and consumers type notes through a small message box located on the website. Live chat is useful on e-commerce sites, where a quick answer could potentially avert shopping cart abandonment. On sites providing technical… Read Article →