It’s NO Surprise <br />That Content Is King – STILL

It’s NO Surprise
That Content Is King – STILL

July 4th, 2015 | No Comments »

Good content is strategic to an effective online presence. Well written content that is consumer-centric will drive new customers to your site, hands down.  And any online platform with good content will survive any algorithm update, new social media start-up or recently derived metric.

If you’re not creating new web content then you aren’t helping your business. Consumers expect to find information online. And when a company has an online profile, the consumer expectation is even greater to provide useful content that answers their questions.

Disseminating good content or content marketing is a promotional tool every business has at its finger tips.

What’s involved in creating good content?

What’s Going On With Your Website?

What’s Going On With Your Website?

June 19th, 2015 | No Comments »

There are millions of websites screaming for attention. It’s hard capturing the attention of the right consumers.

Bringing visitors to a website is the job of search engine optimization and online marketing. But once a consumer has landed on a site, moving them down the sales funnel is the job of the website.  Having an enchanting yet functional website that makes learning and transacting easy and fun encourages consumer engagement.

Over the last five years, most businesses have corrected three common website design features that can detract consumers from engaging in a site:

> Big photos that don’t download quickly
> Bad content, whether it’s expired, missing or partial – expired being the worst
> Missing contact information, which of late has become even more important for search results

While these are my top three design don’ts – there are several others that are just as critical.

Page One: What’s The Big Deal?

Page One: What’s The Big Deal?

May 30th, 2015 | No Comments »

‘Why aren’t we on page one?’ was the bellow from the Board Room.

The lowly Marketing Director cringed at the question. Because, yesterday everything was just fine when the site was on page one. Today of course, everything has changed.

Page Rank, what a conundrum, and it’s been brewing for several years. It’s such a rush when your website appears on page one above your competitors. But today’s online marketing experts are suggesting that Page Rank is not THE critical KPI (key performance indicator), and might an unreliable one at that.

Page Rank (named after Google founder Larry Page) was the algorithm Google created to rank websites on the search results pages. Google counted the back links on every page of each website from outside sources. The theory was that a site that had many outside sites linking to it must be important.